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Why do we do it?

Prior to joining the QBS Technology Group, QBS MSP was known as Zedsphere, the cloud distributor for IT Providers.

There are literally thousands of software tools available for IT service providers, all of them vying for the attention of busy Technical Directors and each one taking a meaningful amount of time to evaluate prior to purchase. 

Whilst looking at the products on our site, you will see the 5 key criteria that gives each product our stamp of approval. 

How QBS MSP assesses vendors



How do we pick our products?

We take each potential vendor through a rigorous series of tests to ensure that they are right for the IT services market with QBS MSP. The criteria is based on a number of technical requirements, but also accounts for the cultural, commercial and political position of their business.

There are many vendors who want to be in the IT services market, but often their product is not ready technically. A vendor who has had huge success in the end user enterprise space may not automatically be able to apply the same product stack and licensing process to the IT services market.

Alternatively, it is common that a particular department at a software vendor wants to build bridges with IT service providers and starts to promote their product. However in reality, the senior level team at CEO level may not see the IT services space as a priority and therefore does not direct development and support resources towards MSP customers as a priority, causing pain for MSPs pretty quickly after adopting the product. 

Our goal is to iron out all of these complex issues first, so that by the time the product lands with the MSP, they know that the chances of them having a great product from an MSP friendly vendor are much higher. 


What do we do day-to-day?

Customer Success

Our goal is to be a meaningful resource to our partners in the IT services community by providing educational and informative advice on how they can improve their business and find the right tools to help them grow. We are not the kind of company that simply interrupts someone's day because we want to sell them something. 

We achieve this by providing a valuable online resource library, leading regular webinars as part of our MSP Growth Academy and providing bespoke programmes for our vendors that introduce their products to partners who are currently looking for a solution. We are proud that our MSP Growth Academy webinars regularly achieve 100+ registrations. 

Sales & Operations 

Once a QBS MSP partner has told us they are looking for a product to help them solve a problem, they work with our sales team to ensure the tool is a good fit for them. 

Our team is technically vendor approved and we can provide full information on licensing and fulfilment as well as a technical pre-sales on-boarding experience. This may include a pre-sale demonstration as well as assistance in the set-up and configuration of a free trial account. If required, we can also assist with post-sale configuration and first line technical support.

We have a busy operations department that keeps on top of billing and licensing for 400+ active customers per month. We provide consolidated monthly invoices for all of our partners, allowing them to make a single payment for multiple products each month. 

Vendor Relations

We work closely with our vendors every day to ensure that we deliver a smooth and snag free service for our partners. We keep vendors up to date with regular feedback and often discuss MSP needs with them on a deal by deal basis. 

We are always on the lookout for new products for our portfolio. So we spend a meaningful amount of time working with potential vendor partners to assess their tools to make sure they are fit for the IT services market. 

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